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The Proposal Summary Class 10 English

Summary of The Proposal                  

This article focuses on The Proposal summary. It is a one-act play written by the Russian story writer and dramatist Chekhov in 1888–89.
The play is about the tendency of rich families to hunt ties with other wealthy families, to extend their estates by encouraging marriages that observe economic sense. Ivan Lomov, a wealthy neighbor of Stepan Chubukov, also wealthy, who seeks the hand of Chubukov’s twenty-five-year-old daughter, Natalya. All three are argumentative, and they argue over petty issues. The proposal is on the verge of losing in the middle of all this quarrelling. But economic common sense ensures that the proposal is formed, in any case — although the quarrelling perhaps continues.

the proposal summary

The Proposal summary in English

The curtain rises with Lomov entering his neighbour Chubukov’s house in neatly dressed up attire. Chubukov in great curiosity to see him well-dressed and asks him the occasion. Lomov reveals that he had come for a desire. Chubukov assumes that he must have come to ask for money which he does not want to return. After knowing that Lomov had come to invite Chubulov’s daughter, Natalya’s hand in marriage, Chubukov leaves to call Natalya. Lomov is a 35 years old gentleman who suffers from palpitations and gets upset very easily. He thinks it’s the right age for him to marry and is happy that he is choosing Natalya. He believes, Natalya is average-looking and an honest caretaker.

On Natalya’s arrival, Lomov initiates the conversation about the cordial terms of both the families. While continuing to speak about his land, he somehow mentions Oxen Meadows which earlier was a disputed property but is now his. Natalya is in the perception that Oxen Medows belong to her family. Both enter into a heated discussion and act childishly and Chubukov’s entry made it more heated. They shout and scream while Lomov suffers from extreme palpitation and a numb foot. They throw Lomov out of the house and continue abusing him. While defaming him, Chubukov accidentally reveals that he had a wedding proposal for Natalya which surprises Natalya, and she suddenly regrets sending him out. She tells her father to bring him back and Chubukov banes himself for being the father of a young daughter.

When Lomov returns, Natalya tries to deviate the topic by talking about shooting. Little later they enter into a debate on their dogs. Natalya strongly believes that her dog Squeezer is better in comparison to Lomov’s Guess. They continue arguing when Chubukov enters the scene only to form things worse again. Everyone gets hyper and Lomov finally falls because of palpitations. Even then, the cursing continues when suddenly Natalya notices that he’s unconscious. As they find him unable to drink water, declare him dead. After a while Lomov moves a bit, they give him some water to drink and Chubukov forcefully hands over Natalya’s hands to him, gives his blessings and asks them to kiss. After regaining his senses, he expresses his excitement and kisses Natalya’s hands. Natalya again keeps convincing him that Squeezer is better than Guess but Lomov, being adamant refuses to accept this and the quarreling continues.

Conclusion of The Proposal

The drama displays the greed of rich families to marry their children into other wealthy families with the aim of enhancing their wealth.

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