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The Hundred Dresses – I Summary Class 10 English

Summary of The Hundred Dresses – I

In this article, you will be reading the hundred dresses summary. Eleanor Estes is the writer of this story. The Hundred Dresses is a story based on the real experiences of the writer. It is about a girl who is teased by her classmates. This girl was Wanda who always claims for having one hundred dresses. Her classmates always made fun of her. As her claim was in contradiction to the fact that she always came to school wearing the same dress. Her classmates assumed her name to be funny. Her name was not common, because she came to an American town as a Polish immigrant with her family. The truth about her hundred dresses revealed when she submitted her hundred different drawings in a drawing competition. They were the same hundred dresses that she used to describe often. All of those dresses were extremely beautiful.

the hundred dresses summary

The Hundred Dresses – I Summary in English

This story revolves around a girl Wanda Petronski and her classmates, mainly Peggy and Madeline who were always making fun of her. Wanda Petronski was a Polish immigrant, and she had come to America with her family. She took admission in the school of American students. Her classmates found her name to be strange and probably, the weirdest in the classroom. This is because they all had an easier and common name.

Wanda was poor and always came to school wearing a faded blue dress. She was quiet and always found sitting in the corner of the classroom. Although she claimed that she had a hundred dresses and sixty shoes at her home. Two best friends, Peggy and Maddie were the most famous girl in school while anyone barely knew Wanda. The story is about the viewpoint of Maddie, who was the best friend of the main player in the daily taunting and teasing.

Peggy and Maddie always wait for Wanda before school even if they were late. Maddie was a poor girl, but she herself did not like it when Peggy made fun of Wanda. She was afraid that she could be a target. She wanted Peggy not to make fun of Wanda, but could not have the courage to face her. Because she was afraid that she may lose her best friend. Though, Peggy’s purpose was never to hurt Wanda. But she was very eager to know why Wanda had to lie that she had a hundred dresses in her closet.

The truth about the same hundred dresses revealed on the result day of the drawing competition. The room was having one hundred drawings representing different dresses, each extremely beautiful. That day, she truly had a hundred dresses and all lined up, but in the classroom. At that time, Peggy and Maddie, who were awestruck and realized the theory of a hundred dresses. They felt guilty about having treated her badly

Conclusion of The Hundred Dresses – I

This story is about the matter that doesn’t mistreat anyone for being different. This story is teaching everyone that we should never make fun of the unique differences of our fellow human beings and try to accept them as they are.

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