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Difference Between Ocean and Sea

Water bodies are an accumulation of water on the surface of the earth. We refer this term to ocean, sea and more. That is why it makes it significant to understand the difference between ocean and sea. It will help us in clearing a lot of misconceptions. Oceans are vast bodies of water covering around 70% of the earth’s surface. On the other hand, seas are smaller bodies which land partially encloses. Thus, you see that the five oceans of our earth are just one large interconnected water body. On the contrary, we have around 50 smaller seas that are spread throughout the world. We will be able to learn their differences when we take a closer look at their depth, area, and marine life.

Definition of Ocean

Oceans are gigantic masses of water that covers around 70% of the earth. They are larger than the sea and deeper too. Moreover, the movement of the ocean’s currents impacts the weather of the world all over. This waterbody between continents comprises of saltwater. It goes on to join the smaller seas. There are five oceans in the world, the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, the Arctic ocean, the Indian ocean and the Antarctic ocean. Due to the largeness and depth of the ocean, it is inhabitable for most marine life. You will commonly find microscopic planktons, bacteria and shrimps in here.

Definition of Sea

Sea refers to a body of water which is smaller in size than the ocean. It is where the ocean meets the land and comprises of saline water. In total, you find seven seas all over the world. All of them partially enclosed by land except for the Caspian Sea, which is enclosed by land on all sides. Moreover, you will find marine life in abundance in the sea because of it being closer to land and less deep than the ocean. Thus, it makes a perfect habitat for marine life. Further, the sea’s temperature and location determine the marine life which inhabits the particular sea.

Difference Between Ocean and Sea

difference between ocean and sea

                                                                                                                                        Difference Between Ocean and Sea

Important Difference between Ocean and Sea

Basis of Comparison Ocean Sea
Meaning Water bodies covering 2/3rd of the surface of the earth. Bodies of saltwater that surrounds its landmasses.
Size Large water bodies Comparatively smaller in size
Water Saltwater Saline water
Depth Very deep Comparatively less deep
Land Not enclosed by land Partially enclosed by land
Marine Life Rare Abundant
Uses Industrial uses like mining for natural gas, oil, etc. Commercial uses like fishing, recreational sport activities
Area Covers a larger area Covers smaller area in comparison
Example Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, etc. Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, South China Sea, etc.

More details about Ocean

Oceans do not have that many aquatic plants because of their depth, the sunlight does not penetrate it deep enough. Thus, photosynthesis cannot take place in plants. Moreover, the major use of oceans is done for industrial purposes.

For instance, mining for natural gas, crude oil and more. It is indeed very dangerous to dive in the ocean on a submarine but it gives us crude oil and abundant natural gas. In addition, oceans are what geographically divide our lands.

More details about Sea

Seas are not that deep allowing penetration of sunlight thereby making photosynthesis in plants possible. Thus, we have so many aquatic plants in there. Sea has various commercial uses, mainly for the industry of fishing.

Further, beaches are great tourist spots which let people enjoy the cruise, speed boats and jet skis to sail. Similarly, they are also perfect for events like parties, wedding, and water sports. In addition, we also use it to produce hydroelectricity.

Moreover, you will find them to be more useful than oceans. We get salt from it, and it also controls the earth’s climate through evaporation and condensation. Finally, all seas are oceans that ultimately join the oceans.

FAQs about Ocean and Sea

Question 1: What is the difference between ocean and sea in terms of the type of water?

Answer 1: Oceans have saltwater whereas sea contains saline water.

Question 2: Which is the smallest ocean in the world?

Answer 2: The smallest ocean in the world is the Arctic Ocean.



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