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Difference Between Acute and Chronic Disease

Knowledge of the difference between acute and chronic disease certainly holds a notable significance in medical science. Furthermore, acute conditions are sudden in onset. In contrast, a chronic condition has a long-developing nature.

Definition of Acute Disease

Acute disease refers to a disease that has a quick onset and it lasts for a short period of time. Furthermore, an acute disease is often not life-threatening. In contrast, the chronic disease develops quite slowly and this is the main difference between acute and chronic disease.

Definition of Chronic Disease

A chronic disease refers to a health condition that is of a long-lasting nature. Furthermore, the chronic disease requires ongoing medical attention for its long duration and 100% cure may be difficult to achieve. Moreover, some examples of chronic diseases are cancer, arthritis, Crohn disease, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, Alzheimer etc.

Difference between Acute and Chronic Disease

difference between acute and chronic disease

                                                       Difference between Acute and Chronic Disease

Important difference between acute and chronic disease

Parameter Acute Disease Chronic Disease
Definition A condition or disorder that has a rapid onset and continues for a short period of time A condition or disorder that continues for a long period of time. Furthermore, it has long-lasting consequences on health
Duration It lasts for a shorter time in comparison to chronic disease It certainly lasts for a longer duration of time
Appearance Most acute diseases appear suddenly The appearance of chronic diseases is slow and gradual
Nature Most acute diseases happen to be communicable in nature. Furthermore, it is due to an infectious agent Most chronic diseases happen to be non-communicable in nature. Furthermore, there is no association of an infectious agent with such a disease
Causes The major cause of most acute diseases is foreign agents. Furthermore, the cause of some acute diseases may be due to wrong medication or accidents The cause of chronic diseases is not necessarily certain. However, unhealthy diet or lifestyle can result in such diseases.
Effects It does not have dangerous or harmful health effects It is likely to have dangerous or negative effects on a patient’s health
Onset Symptoms of acute diseases show a sudden appearance and they become worse within a short time Symptoms of chronic diseases may not make an appearance for a very long time period
Cure Complete cure of acute diseases is possible with the correct administration of drugs A complete 100% cure for chronic diseases is rarely possible. In most cases, medications will be effective in only preventing the worsening of the disease
Examples of acute and chronic diseases The examples of acute diseases are bone fracture, typhoid, cholera, jaundice, heart attack, etc. The examples of chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, arthritis, tuberculosis

More Details About Acute Disease

Examining further will certainly make things more clear regarding the difference between acute and chronic disease. So, with regards to acute diseases, their most common cause is an infectious agent. Furthermore, the sudden onset is also a very important characteristic of such diseases.

Some acute diseases like strep throat, appendicitis, and influenza are quite low in intensity and mild in nature. Such diseases certainly do not require any intensive medical treatment. However, some acute diseases like pneumonia may require intensive medical attention.

The symptoms of such diseases differ in accordance with the nature of the disease. Moreover, there is an absence of periods of relapse during the course of acute disease. This is because of the shorter time span.

More Details About Chronic Disease

Chronic disease can persist over a very long time duration. Furthermore, such a disease can hinder the health and independence of people. Also, such a disease becomes more severe as it progresses.

In most cases, chronic diseases are not caused by infectious agents like viruses, bacteria etc. Moreover, they mostly result due to poor choices of lifestyle and health.

There may certainly be overlapping of the symptoms of chronic diseases. Furthermore, some common symptoms may be seen in many chronic diseases like shortness of breath or weight loss. Also, there may be multiple periods of relapse during the course of chronic disease.

FAQs About Acute and Chronic Disease

Question 1: Give one difference between acute and chronic disease??

Answer 1: One difference between acute and chronic disease is that the former last for a shorter time duration compared to the latter.

Question 2: Give some examples of chronic diseases?

Answer 2: Some examples of chronic diseases are cancer, arthritis, tuberculosis, etc.

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