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Difference Between Bone And Cartilage

The human skeletal system comprises of bones and cartilages of different kinds. Moreover, they are supporting connective tissues in our body. In other words, they offer support and surface for the attachment of muscles as well as protection to various essential organs like the brain, eyes, heart, and more. Further, they also provide a definite form and shape to our bodies. Thus, we must know the difference between bone and cartilage to understand them better. Bones are hard tissues forming the skeletal structure of our bodies. On the other hand, cartilage is not as hard as bones and is found in areas of ear, nose, and joints in our body.

Definition of Bone

As you know, bones are rigid tissues of the body which are made up of collagen and calcium phosphate. Thus, it is also formed of connective tissue. Further, the bone tissues in our bodies assemble for forming the bones of the skeletons, human skeletal system, and other vertebrates. Hence, there are 206 separate bones in the body of an adult human. The largest bone is the thigh-bone or femur and the smallest one is the stapes in the middle ear. Moreover, the human body comprises of bones having five different shapes- flat, irregular, long, sesamoid, and short.

Definition of Cartilage

Cartilage is a kind of connective tissue that is soft and firm. Moreover, they provide flexibility, bending, and stretching of muscles. Thus, you will find them present in places where support and flexibility are required like between the spinal column, joints, ears, and nose. In other words, it is the extracellular matrix that is present in the connective tissue. The specialized cells known as chondroblasts produce this matrix. Further, the chondroblasts are present in the matrix of chondrocytes. Space where this cell lie is lacunae. Hence, now you know how chondrocytes decide the level of flexibility of the cartilage.

difference between bone and cartilage

Difference between Bone And Cartilage

Basis of Comparison Bone Cartilage
Meaning They are hard, complex structures composed of connective tissues that protect the organs and give shape to the body. It is a soft, simple structure composed of connective tissue that offers flexibility to the joints and protects from external and internal shocks
Cell Name Bone cells are called osteocytes Cartilage cells are called chondrocytes
Growth Bidirectional. They grow in both directions. Unidirectional. It grows in a single direction
Bone Marrow It is present It is absent
Blood Vessels Present Absent
Calcium Salts Contains deposits of calcium salts May or may not contain deposits of calcium salts
Matrix It is organic and inorganic It is completely organic
Blood Supply Rich blood supply Lacks blood supply
Calcium Phosphate Present in the matrix Absent in the matrix
Haversian Canal System Present Absent
Volkmann Canal Present Absent
Types Compact Bone and Spongy Bone Fibrocartilage, Elastic cartilage and Hyaline cartilage

More details about Bone

Bones perform many functions. Firstly, they offer structural support to the soft tissue, internal organs. In addition, it also serves a protective site for special tissues like the bone marrow.

Further, they also give shape to the body and play the role of a mineral reservoir. Here, it controls the level of calcium and phosphate in the fluids of the body.

More details about Cartilage

There are three types of cartilage- Elastic Cartilage, Hyaline Cartilage, and Fibro Cartilage. Fibrocartilage is present in the knee and between the spinal column.

Further, elastic cartilage is present in the ear and is the most flexible type of all. Finally, hyaline cartilage is present at the end of the ribs and in the nose. It is the second most flexible type.

FAQs about Bone And Cartilage

Question 1: What are the types of cartilage and which is the most abundant type?

Answer 1: There are three types of cartilage. Thus, they include hyaline cartilage, fibrocartilage, and elastic cartilage. Further, Hyaline cartilage is the most abundant of the three kinds of cartilage.

Question 2: Give one difference between bone and cartilage.

Answer 2: The growth of both of these are different. While bones grow in both directions, cartilage grows in a single direction.

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