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Difference Between Leopard and Jaguar

It is very common to confuse a leopard with a jaguar and vice versa, at first glance. After all, they do look similar to some extent. However, there is a massive difference between leopard and jaguar. In other words, on getting a closer look, you will see a jaguar has a compact body and broad head along with being more muscular. On the other hand, leopards have a longer tail than jaguars. Moreover, they both have a rosette pattern on their skin but the rosette of a Jaguar has spots inside. In addition, you can differentiate them on the basis of the place they inhabit. While jaguars are mostly present in the Amazon, leopards are present in sub-Saharan Africa and some parts of Asia plus the Middle East. However, leopards used to originally live in Japan and Hong Kong.

Definition of Leopard

Leopards belong to the wild family. Moreover, they have a long body, short legs and a large skull. In addition, their skin coat is marked rosettes. It resembles a jaguar but possesses a lighter physique. Further, the rosettes of a leopard are usually small in size and packed densely. Also, they do not have central spots. Similarly, their tails are longer and help them in maintaining their balance when they have to climb on trees. Most importantly, they feed on almost anything in the wild. Thus, you see the environment in which they reside is responsible for the type of diet they consume. Also, in order to avoid other predators like lions, hyenas, wild dogs and more, they usually carry their kill to the trees.

Definition of Jaguar

Jaguars are quite a large member of the cat family. You can find them mainly in South and Central America. Moreover, they have the longest jaw structure. Further, they usually inhabit wetlands and prefer to spend their lives crossing water even with their cabs. However, another thing is that they do not spend a lot of time on trees. As they have shorter tails, it is an indication that climbing trees are not that essential for them. It is hard to find the difference between leopard and jaguar because they are similar to leopards in resemblance and belong to the big cat family as well. However, the role they play in the environment and their behaviour is much similar to a tiger’s. Finally, they are the most powerful in the family of cats. Most importantly, they are stronger than lions and tigers.

Difference between Leopard and Jaguar

difference between leopard and jaguar

Important Difference between Leopard and Jaguar

Basis of Comparison Leopard  Jaguar
Weight Male leopard weighs around 40kg to 80 kg whereas female weighs around 20kg to 60kg Male jaguar weighs around 110kg to 120kg and females have around 85kg to 90 kg of weight
Rosettes The coat has a rosette pattern with no spots The coat has larger rosettes with spots at the centre
Head Smaller forehead Broader forehead
Tree climbing Very agile and prefer climbing trees Rarely climb trees
Jaw Narrow jaw Wider jaw
Body Small built, light and long body Stockier, muscular and bulkier
Tail Shorter tail Longer tail
Independence Stay longer with their parents Leave their parents early
Water Do not like staying in the water Enjoy spending time in the water
Life Expectancy Lives for 12 to 15 years Lives for 13 to 15 years
Diet A varied diet with almost 100 species Adapt accordingly, up to 85 species

More details about Leopard

Leopards prefer to stay for a longer time with their parents. Thus, a female leopard leaves its mother between 18 to 24 months. On the other hand, males leave at around 24 months.

Moreover, they also take a longer time for attaining sexual maturity. In addition, both, male and female mature at the same age.

More details about Jaguar

Jaguars have a huge barrel-like abdomen which makes them look like they are well fed. Moreover, they only climb trees when people or dogs confront them, i.e. under pressure.

In addition, female jaguars attain sexual maturity at almost two to three years. On the other hand, the male jaguar matures between three to four years.

FAQs about Leopard and Jaguar

Question 1: Jaguar is the strongest member of the cat family.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer 1: The correct answer is option A. They are stronger than lions and tigers as well.

Question 2: What is the major difference between leopard and jaguar?

Answer 2: The major difference between leopard and jaguar is that jaguars are more muscular whereas leopards have a lighter physique.

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