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The Friendly Mongoose Summary

The Friendly Mongoose Summary

The Friendly Mongoose is a story about a farmer and wife. They have a son and love him dearly. Further, their boy wishes to have a pet as his companion. Thus, the farmers bring home a baby mongoose. On one fine day, the mother of the baby goes to the market. However, she asks the farmer to not leave their son alone with the mongoose. After that, the farmer leaves to meet his friends and the wife returns to find the mongoose soaked in blood. This angers her as she thinks it has killed her baby so she throws the basket at him. But, she finds out that he was protecting her son from a snake to protect him. Thus, you learn how we must not jump to conclusions and take decisions with a calm mind. Thus, the Friendly Mongoose Summary will help you understand this story clearly.

the friendly mongoose summary

The Friendly Mongoose Summary in English 

We will study how The Friendly Mongoose Summary takes us through the story of a rather unusual pet. It is about a mongoose which grows up as a baby boy’s companion. It starts with a farmer and his wife who love their newborn baby a lot.

The farmer thinks it is a good idea to get a pet for their son as a companion and the wife agrees. Thus, the farmers bring him a baby mongoose as a pet. As time passes by, within six months, the mongoose grows up to its full size.

On the other hand, the son of the farmer is still a baby who is in the cradle. Being an infant, the son mostly cries or sleeps. One fine day, the wife of the farmer decides to go to the market.

But, she asks her husband to not leave the baby alone as she has just fed and cradled him to sleep. So, she expects her husband to keep an eye on their baby boy. Moreover, what concerns her more is that the mongoose is fully grown now, so it is better to be cautious.

However, the farmer does not pay much heed to her. He assures her that as the mongoose and their son have grown up together, he is rather friendly. Thus, he asks her to not worry too much and stop overthinking.

As soon as the wife leaves for the market, the farmer also goes to the fields to meet his friends. But, his wife returns before him with a bagful of groceries. As usual, the mongoose greets her but to her horror, she sees blood on its mouth and paws.

This angers her and she assumes that the mongoose has killed her son so she throws the heavy grocery bag on the mongoose. After that, she goes running inside the house to check on her son.

To her surprise, she notices that a black snake is lying on the ground. It is torn up and bleeding while the baby is sound asleep. Soon she realizes that matter and comes outside to check on the mongoose.

However, she finds out that it has died and it leaves her devastated. The mongoose saved her baby from the snake but her impulsive reaction killed him. She breaks down crying and regrets acting too hastily without thinking first. Thus, it tells us that actions done in anger can mostly produce wrong results.

The Friendly Mongoose Summary

The Friendly Mongoose Summary teaches us that we must not be judgmental and act hastily. In fact, it tells us that we must think properly before reaching to a conclusion and understand everything with a calm mind.

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    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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