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Robinson Crusoe Discovers a Footprint Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of Robinson Crusoe Discovers a Footprint

Robinson Crusoe Discovers a footprint, as the name suggests, is about how he discovers a footprint on an island and what follows next. It tells the story about how humans long for the company and it matters so much for us. The pain and fear in which Robinson Crusoe lives in on that isolated island are reflected here. Moreover, it will also help students realize that man is a social animal and we all long to have some company. It throws light on how loneliness makes us vulnerable and desperate. When Robinson Crusoe discovers a footprint in the sand, he first becomes happy thinking he might have company. However, slowly the fear of his safety starts to creep in. He thinks he might be better off without it after all fearing it might be the footprint of a savage. Thus, this constant worry and fearful state of mind force him to hide in the caves avoiding any possible danger.

Robinson Crusoe Discovers a footprint Summary in English

The story begins with Robinson Crusoe who lives alone on an island for a very long time. He is in this state because his ship got wrecked when he was on a sea voyage. He ends up isolated on this island where one day he sees a footprint. As he has been feeling lonely for a long time stuck here on the island, he feels he might have some company after all.

He is of the mindset that the footprint belongs to a human. Upon realizing this, he starts looking for other footprints on the sand but could not find any. This scares him as he runs back to his cave, trying to make sense of all this. Although Robinson Crusoe longs for human contact, he feels he is much safer without it for now.

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After having a sleepless night, he thinks that the footprint belongs to one of the savages of the mainland, who had wandered out to the sea in a small boat. Thus, he starts fearing the things that would happen if that savage brought other savages along with him to kill him.
Thus, this fear starts making him fear for his own protection. He starts praying for his safety after this fear starts creeping in on him. This makes him bolder and he decides to look for hat footprint again. He goes out to the sea-shore to measure it with his own footmark. As he gets closer to the footprint, he realizes it wasn’t his as he did not come to that part of the beach.

In fact, that footprint was bigger than his own which made him sure that there is someone else too living on the same island. This made him fearful again as he thinks it is better to go back inside the cave for his protection. Thus, he retreats to his cave in fear and spent most of his time there only.

Conclusion of Robinson Crusoe Discovers a footprint

The story of Robinson Crusoe discovers a footprint that teaches us a great deal about human behavior. Moreover, also about how we always long for a company but when faced with a dilemma, we opt for our own safety.

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