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Flying Together Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of Flying Together

Flying together is a story that is about a flock of geese and how they managed to escape a hunter together. It revolves around a wise goose and how it manages to help them escape. Further, it will also help students realize about teamwork and effort. The story begins with the flock of geese living together in a tree. As the wisest goose notices vine growing on the branch of the tree, he advises the other members to get rid of it as it will prevent hunters from spotting them. However, no one pays heed to his advice and go on and about with their life. At last, the moment which was dreaded takes place where a group of hunters spot them and try to catch them. Now, as the geese land in trouble, they regret not listening to the wise geese. Thus, he comes to their rescue with a plan and helps them escape together.

Flying Together Summary in English

Flying together story revolves around a flock of geese and how they flew together to save themselves. A flock of wild geese live together in a tall tree. An old goose which is very wise starts getting worried about the small creeper that starts growing at the foot of the tree. He asks the other birds to get rid of it.

The wise goose worries that if it grows bigger, they will get into trouble. He fears hunters will be able to climb them and thus kill them. However, the other geese do not pay much heed to his fear and carry on. As time passed, the creeper started growing stronger and thicker. It now starts to wind up the tree.

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Thus, one day a hunter comes and notices the vine. He climbs up the tree by taking the help of the creeper and finally reaches the top. The hunter spreads his net over there for trapping the geese. Now, the geese realize that they have nowhere to go. They also start regretting not listening to the old and wise goose.

As the hunter traps them, they cry for help and the old goose comes to their rescue. He thinks cleverly of a plan which will help them get out of there. He advises the birds to pretend to be dead. If they do this, the hunter will assume that they are dead and will throw them on the ground.

Thus, they carry out the plan as per the wise goose. In the morning, all the geese start pretending to be dead. On seeing this, the hunter falls for it and thinks they all are dead as they are lying still in the net. Therefore, he starts throwing each of them out one by one on the ground. When he finally throws away the last goose, they reach the end of their plan.
The old goose asks them to fly away and as the last one reaches the ground, they all get up, start flapping their wings and start flying together.

Conclusion of Flying Together

The story of Flying Together teaches us great lessons about listening to our older as they give wise advice and how working together can help overcome anything.

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