Prepositions of Place

After studying the Prepositions of Time, let’s read about its close cousin, Prepositions of Place. Really, the words used in both kinds of Prepositions are nearly the same. The usage and context changes the meaning and that’s what the difference is between the two.

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Prepositions of Place:

Prepositions of time

Prepositions of time Explanations Example
In – Used for inside – I walked in the bedroom to find my cat and dog sleeping peacefully.
– Martha is in the car.
– Picasso is one of the most famous artists in the world.
On – Placement of a particular thing attached to, or next to something
– Something displayed on something
– She will sing on stage tomorrow.
– I will feature in a video on TV today.
– There’s a beautiful picture of my family on the wall.
– I got on the bus for Goa from Mumbai.
At – An exact place where something is situated – She met me at the North main street .
– We go to the sea coast everyday to watch the sunrise at 5:30 am.
Between – into/in the gap that separates two things, people or places – The river lies between Rome and Milan.
– She placed the chess board between the two players
– Mom divided the food between our two dogs
Behind – in the backside of something – There’s a keyholder behind the door.
– My mom is sitting behind the tree in our garden.
– We stand behind each other in a line for the morning assembly at school.
Below – Under something or lower than something – Sheela lives below my flat in South Bombay.
– Jennifer is going below the tree house to pick the fruits.
– There’s a candy store below our office.
Under – Right below, lower than something – There’s a mouse under my chair.
– Let’s get under the umbrella as it’s starting to drizzle.
– Municipality is fixing pipes under the roads in preparation for the rains.
Over – Across specific sides
– Stacked one above other, higher than the other
– More than
– The annual college fees for my course is over 200k.
– Over the mountain, there’s my grandmother’s house in Hamptons.
– The chocolate bricks were stacked over one another in the bakery.
– To find your shoes, look over there at the shoe counter.
– My cousin Cassy jumped over the school gate yesterday.
– We ran over the bridge to get to her wedding.
Across – On the other side
– in a specific area, from one side to the other
– I walked across the road.
– My cousin sailed across the Pacific ocean.
– I ran across the zebra crossing.
– My sister lives across a river.
Above – Higher than something, but not directly higher than something – She lives above my flat in Ohio.
– A captain is above a sergeant.
– The dog kept his head above water to keep breathing.
Next to, Beside, near, by – around something and not far away – There’s a tree next to / beside / by / near my house.
– There’s a playstation next to / beside / by / near my friend’s house.
Through – From inside one end to another – We went through the tunnel and came out to the woords.
– We walked slowly through the woods.
– We went through the crowd towards the stage.
To – In a direction – We went to Italy last summer.
– Bobby, please go to bed.
Into – Go inside something – I dived into the pool.
– I got lost into the wild last summer on a backpacking trip to Europe.

Yes, Prepositions of place seem a lot of them, but if you come up with sentences for each of them, you have understood the whole chapter! So, grab your pen and paper, let’s write down one example sentence for each of these prepositions. All the best!

Solved Question for You

Q: Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition.
She was really scared about the results, so her sister sat _______ her while waiting for the doctor.

  1. to
  2. below
  3. beside
  4. at

Ans: The preposition ‘beside’ means to be near or alongside someone/something. In the given context the sister sits near the girl to support or comfort her. Thus option C is correct. On the other hand prepositions ‘to’, ‘below’ and ‘at’ are irrelevant to the context.

‘To’ is used to denote a movement towards a direction/place, ‘below’ is used when something lower than something else, while ‘at’ is used to denote an exact place or spot. One cannot sit ‘to’ her or ‘at’ her since the person is not a place, or sit ‘below’ her since she isn’t an object to sit under. Therefore options A, B and D are incorrect.


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    all information is good but can u add more exceptions and errors that are commonly made while using prepositions.

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