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Authorization Letter

Authorization is the process of delegating authority to someone. Similarly, an authorization letter is typically sent as documentation that the person is authorized to act on behalf of someone else. In this article, we will learn about the authorization letter format as well as look at a few authorization letter samples for references.

authorization letter

What is an Authorization Letter?

A letter of authorization, also known as an authorization letter, is a formal and legal document that authorizes a third party to act on the behalf of the individual writing the letter. Simply put, you are granting someone legal authority to act on your behalf. When you do this, you are directly accountable for the activities that occur, so always authorize someone you trust.

An authorization letter is very important in educational, business, and banking situations. If a person is unable to submit his fees and crucial documents because he is sick or absent at the moment, he might authorize a person of his trust to do so on his behalf.

Guidelines to Write an Authorization Letter?

  • An authority letter is a formal document that must be typed and neatly signed rather than handwritten in order to have more impact and serve as strong proof.
  • The letter should be written in a formal business tone. Be kind and professional while drafting a business letter.
  • Begin by writing your name and address on the left side of the page, followed by the date the letter was written.
  • Instead of being demanding, the tone should be authoritative. For example, instead of saying “Jack will execute my duties,” you say “I hereby give authorization to Jack to perform XYZ duty on my behalf.”
  • The body of the letter should be brief and to the point. Don’t go on and on about the cause for your absence. Give your case in no more than 3-4 lines. Also, avoid becoming too personal.
  • Mention a call to action. In case something goes wrong, always provide your contact information in the note. Remember that even after distributing responsibilities, you are still liable.

Format for an Authorization Letter

The method and format for writing an authorization letter are the same as for any other letter. Furthermore, the letter of authorization should include precise information about the individual who needs to be approved as well as instructions on how to send the documents to the appropriate person.


Recipient’s Full Name

Recipient’s Address




Body of the letter: Declare what is being authorized and to whom the authorization is being granted. Provide specifics to reassure the reader that the letter was written by you. For greater clarity, specify statistics and numbers.

Also, define the tasks that the individual will be performing on your behalf. This is done to prevent the agent from abusing their authority and doing more or less than what they were authorized to do.


Complimentary Closing

Sender’s Full Name


Authorization Letter Samples

Some of the most frequent applications for authorization letters are as follows:

Sample 1 – Authorization Letter for Bank Account Access


The Manager

Bank Name




Dear Sir/Madam,

I (your name), hereby declare that (name of the person to be authorized) my brother is authorized to manage my account on my behalf for as long as I am in the United States for office work.

I appreciate the bank’s assistance in cooperating with the family to resolve the matter. The (account no.) registered under (account holder’s name) currently contains (Amount). (Account no.) is a savings account that I started three years ago.

All the needed documents and identity proofs are attached with the mail. Please feel free to call me on my number (mobile number) for any clarification.


Yours Sincerely,

Your name


Explore More Sample Letters

Sample 2 – Authorization Letter to Collect Documents







Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (Name of the Authorizer), am writing to allow (Name of the Authorize), to collect my Car Registration on my behalf because I am unable to do so due to illness and hospitalization. My driver’s license number is _______, and the identity card number for (Name of the Authorize) is ________.

I appreciate your consideration in this regard. The letter is in effect until I send notice to the contrary. You are welcome to contact me if you require any further clarification.


Yours Sincerely,

Your name


Sample 3 – Authorization Letter to Collect Certificates


The Manager

MGM College

Navi Mumbai

10th July 2022


Subject: Authorization to Collect Certificates


I, Jimmy D’Souza, authorize Sam to act as my representative and collect my Class 10 and Class 12 mark sheets, UG Degree Certificate, and Transfer Certificate on my behalf because I am out of town and will be unable to attend in person to collect the documents by the deadline. I’ve attached documentation to assist you in identifying the authorized individual when he comes to pick up the certificates.

This letter will be valid until further notice is provided.

Your kind assistance and cooperation are greatly appreciated. If you require any clarification, please contact me by phone or email.

Phone – 9573XXXXXX

Email – jimmyd@gmail.com


Yours faithfully,

Jimmy D’Souza


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What exactly is a letter of authorization?

Answer. An authorization letter is a letter written to allow or delegate the performance of an act in your absence. It is a formal and legal document that authorizes a third party to act on the behalf of the individual writing the letter.

Q2. What should the authorization letter contain?

Answer. The format of an authorization letter should include the date, the name of the person to whom it is addressed, details about the person who has been authorized (such as name and identity proof), the reason for his absence, the duration of the authorized letter, and the action to be performed by another person.

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