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Letter to Uncle Thanking him for Birthday Gift

Everyone gets happy when they receive gifts on their birthday. But receiving a gift from someone special like your uncle makes you the happiest. When your uncle gives you something you’ve needed for a long time but haven’t been able to get for various reasons, your joy knows no bounds, and you want to thank him by writing him a letter. Surely your uncle would have wanted to attend your birthday party, but he would have missed the celebration due to some unavoidable condition. In such a case, writing a letter to uncle thanking him for birthday gift, your uncle will feel loved by you and this would strengthen the bond you have with your uncle.

Thanking your uncle for the birthday gift he sent you is a wonderful gesture that will be appreciated by him as well as his family. You can write an informal letter to your uncle to thank him for the gift he sent you.

Letter to Uncle Thanking him for Birthday Gift

How do we Begin with a Letter to Uncle Thanking Him for the Birthday Gift?

An uncle is your family member, so whenever we write a letter to a family member, we can informally write the letter. The letter can be lengthy and doesn’t always have to be on point like a formal letter.

The letter has to be written casually. You can begin the letter by asking about the health of your uncle and even the rest of the family members. You can even ask him why he was unable to attend your birthday party, and if he attended, you can ask whether he reached home safely. Then you can express your feelings about the present he sent, tell him how you felt opening the present for the first time, and you can end the letter by giving regards to all the other family members of your uncle and thanking him once again.

Format to write Letter to Uncle Thanking him for Birthday Gift

  1. The letter should always begin with the ‘From’ address, which is the sender’s address.
  2. The date on which the letter was written has to be mentioned.
  3. Then comes the ‘To’ address, which is the receiver’s address.
  4. Greetings E.g., “Dear Uncle,”
  5. Begin with the letter by inquiring about the health of your uncle and other family members, then thank him for the best birthday gift that you received from him.
  6. Express your feelings regarding the gift you received and, while ending the letter, thank your uncle once again and give your regards to other family members of your uncle.
  7. You can end the letter with ‘Yours faithfully, ‘Yours affectionately’, or ‘Yours lovingly’.
  8. Name of the person sending the letter.

Sample Letters Thanking your Uncle for Birthday Gift

Are you still wondering how to thank your uncle for the best surprise gift you received from him? Look at the sample letters below to get an excellent understanding of the same.

Sample Letter 1 –

Juna Mondal Society

4, Krishna Baugh


1st December 2022

Diwan Housing Society

45, Amritnagar


Dear Uncle,

Hello, Uncle. How are you? How is everyone at home? I hope all the family members are in the pink of health.

I missed you all yesterday at my birthday celebration. We would have enjoyed it a lot more if you could have joined us. I received my birthday gift sent by you yesterday. I was very excited to see such a huge box, and finally, when I opened it, my joy knew no bounds when I saw that you had gifted me a new bicycle. I am very thankful to you for sending me such a great present on my birthday.

I wanted a bicycle for a long time so that I could go with my friends to school by bicycle and also ride it in the evening. Cycling will also help me stay fit and healthy. I showed all my friends my new bicycle, and they all loved it. This was the best birthday present ever.

I once again thank you for the love that you expressed by giving me such an awesome birthday present.

Please convey my regards to my aunt.

Yours lovingly,

Vivek Sharma

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Sample Letter 2 –

Sneha Apartments

Rameshwar Nagar


Ambuja Towers

Sham Chowk


Dear Uncle,

Hello Uncle, I hope you and Aunt are doing well. I had sent you an invitation regarding my birthday party, which was yesterday. I would have loved it if you had attended my birthday party along with my aunt and Rohan.

I received your letter of birthday wishes yesterday along with a box containing my birthday gift. I was very excited to open the gift, and when I saw you had gifted me a new tablet, I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, as I have never received such an expensive gift in my life before. Thank you so much, Uncle, for such a lovely tablet. I always wanted a tablet of my own. With the help of this tablet, I can now attend my online classes easily and even complete my projects and, of course, enjoy playing games and watching movies in my free time on the tablet.

I would like to thank you once again for such a lovely gift that you gave me on my birthday. This was the best birthday present ever for me.

Give my regards to Aunt and Cousin Rohan.

Your loving niece,

Soumya Shinde

Frequently Asked Questions about Thanking Uncle for a Birthday Present

Q1. Do I have to write a letter to my uncle to thank him for the birthday gift he gave me?

Answer. Writing a letter to thank your uncle would be appreciated by your uncle and his family, and it would be a mark of respect for your uncle. You should thank him for showing his love for you by sending you a birthday gift. This would also strengthen the bond you have with your uncle.

Q2. Why can’t I write a formal letter to my uncle to thank him for the birthday gift?

Answer. You can write either a formal letter or an informal letter to your uncle, but usually, when we write a letter to our family members, it is written in a very friendly manner, it is preferable if the letter to your uncle is written informally so that5 you can express yourself freely.

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