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Change of Address Letter to Bank

Have you recently changed your address or are you thinking of changing it soon? The most important task after changing your address is to inform your bank about your new address so that the bank updates it in their records and you have no problem getting letters sent by the bank via post. To inform the bank, you will have to write a change of address letter to bank. Read the complete article to properly understand how you can write this letter.

Change of Address Letter to Bank

What is a Change of Address Letter to the Bank

Whenever a person having a bank account changes his address for any reason, he will have to write a letter to bank informing them regarding their new address. The banks will then update the new address in their records.

Informing the bank regarding address change is important as the bank sends letters to your address, which are sometimes confidential and can contain sensitive information like ATM card pins, net banking details, etc. So, if these letters are left undelivered, you may face delays in the future due to your mistake of not informing your bank regarding your new address.

Change of Address Letter to Bank Format

Change of address letters should always be written in a formal format and should be attached with all the required documents that are needed as proof. Make sure you have a polite and respectful tone while writing this letter.

  • The letter starts with the ‘From’ address, which is the sender’s address.
  • The date should be mentioned on which the letter was written.
  • Next is the ‘To’ address, which is the receiver’s address.
  • The subject of the letter: (Change of address request letter)
  • A salutation is done, e.g. Dear Sir/Ma’am, Respected Sir/Ma’am.
  • Then the main body of the letter is written, which includes your account number, your old address, and your new address, and a request to update it. Also, tell them the reason for your address change.
  • Thank you/Thank you in anticipation/Thank you in advance.
  • End the letter by Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely, Yours truly.
  • The signature of the person sending the letter and his name in block letters.
  • The contact details of the sender and his email address have to be mentioned.
  • Proof documents have to be attached, which include your electricity bill and an updated photo ID with your new address.

Sample Change of Address Letters to Banks

A change of address letter is addressed to the manager of the branch where you have a bank account. It can sometimes be a bit tricky to write this letter. Have a look at the sample letters given below to get an idea of how to write the same.

Sample Letter 1. Change of Address Letter to the Bank Following Marriage

Sana Shaikh

Humayun Society

Fariyadi Street

Aurangabad -617171

Date – 21 January 2022

The Branch Manager

JK Lakshmi Bank

Aurangabad – 617171

Sub: Request for a change of address linked to the bank account.

Respected Sir,

I am Sana Shaikh, a salary account holder in your reputed bank. I have recently been married to the love of my life and have shifted to his place. I request that you please update my address details linked to my bank account number 7272828272 with my new address.

Old address: Humayum Society, Fariyadi Street

New address: Deepak Apartments, Nilam Street

I don’t want to face any inconvenience with my salary account, so I request that you please update the address details of my account to my new address at the earliest. I have attached the electricity bill and my Adhar card with my updated address with the letter for verification.

I hope you will understand my concern and do the needful.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,


Sana Shaikh

Bank account number – 7272828272

Contact number – 787878××××

Email address – sana.shaikh@email.com

Attachments –

Electricity bill

Updated Aadhar Card Copy

Explore More Sample Letters

Sample Letter 2. Change of Address Letter to the Bank

Rajkumar Shinde

121, Ganga Colony

Hari Gopal Nagar

Jharkhand -717282

Date- 31 August 2022

The Branch Manager

State Bank of Jharkhand

Jharkhand – 717282

Sub: Change of address request for my bank account.

Respected Ma’am,

I am Rajkumar Shinde, a current account holder of your prestigious bank for the last 15 years. My bank account number is 516171626. I am the owner of my private cycle shop. I have recently shifted my gala-

Old address: Sardarmal Chawl, Hari das Nagar

New address: Himachal Towers, Krishna Das Street

I would kindly request that you please update the address of my shop in your bank records so that I don’t face any future issues due to the address change.

I have attached the electricity bill for my gala and the lease agreement with the letter for the verification process. I have also mentioned my contact number and email address. You can revert to me in case any additional verification has to be done.

I hope you will update the address details as soon as possible. I would be highly grateful for the same.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,


Rajkumar Shinde

Bank account number – 516171626

Contact number – 898889××××

Email address – rajkumar.shinde@email.com

Attachments –

Electricity bill

Lease agreement

Frequently Asked Questions on the Change of Address Letter to the Bank

Question 1. Is it necessary to inform the bank regarding the change of my address?

Answer. Yes. For your safety, you should inform your bank regarding the change of your address. Banks send ATM cards, credit cards, and card pins via letters. If you don’t inform your bank regarding your changed address, then the bank will continue to send the letters to the old address and you may face issues and delays in getting your cards, and your confidential information will be at risk.

Question 2. What should I do with my bank account if I have to change city for some reason?

Answer. If your bank has a branch in the city you are deciding to move to, then you can write a letter to the branch manager requesting him to transfer your existing account to another branch in the new city.

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