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Parents Teacher Meeting Format

The parents teacher meeting is an integral part of a student’s life. Moreover, it sheds light on what a student is doing in school. Therefore, it is the school’s responsibility to arrange a parents teacher meeting. The school invites parents via a formal letter in parent-teacher meetings. Moreover, this letter has all the details about the meeting. Hence, the school must write it appropriately. For instance, we have given parents teacher meeting format for you. This format will help you write a good letter inviting the parents.

parents teacher meeting format

Basics of Parent Teacher Meeting Format

School and students work hard to outshine in exams. Moreover, parents must also know how their children are performing. For instance, teachers usually keep track of every student’s academic, social, and mental growth. Therefore, to showcase all of these, schools arrange parents teacher meetings.

On the other hand, parents are also eager to hear about their children. Therefore, you have to invite them to the school. Parents teacher meeting format is tricky as you and the parents have limited time.

So, you’ve got to be brighter while writing a letter for parents teacher meetings.

How to Write A Parents Teacher Meeting Notice?

Writing a parents teacher meeting notice is quite simple. You need to make sure that you write it in a formal tone. Moreover, it is like every other formal letter that the school writes. Therefore, there is no difficulty in writing this one.

The class teacher, admin, or principal can write the notice. Moreover, it depends on the format of the school. Therefore, continue reading the article to check the parents teacher meeting format.

Things To Consider In Parents Teacher Meeting Format

  • Firstly, check with the administration to confirm the time of the meeting.
  • Please keep it in a formal tone.
  • Mention the lunch break time.
  • Always keep some extra time for parents.
  • Keep the letter short and precise.
  • Recheck the date and time.

Parents Teacher Meeting Format

The parents teacher meeting format is straightforward. It is as follows-

  • Date
  • Salutation
  • Body
  • Regards
  • Signature
  • Name
  • Principal
  • School name

Samples Of Parents Teacher Meeting Format

Sample 1

Date: 18/08/2022

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the 1st Parents Teachers Meeting for Class 10th will be held on 1st September 2022. Moreover, the meeting will start at 10:00 am in room no. 101.

Therefore, parents are requested to come on time. Also, please bring the report card for 1st unit test. Moreover, it is compulsory to attend the meeting.



Arun Mehta


Modern Public School

Sample 2

Date: 18 August 2022

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the 2nd Parent Teacher Meeting year (2022)-(2023) for classes 5th to 10th will be held on Monday, 22nd August 2022. Moreover, this meeting will be held in Jalaram Complex, Greater Kailash road. Also, we have attached a timetable for the meeting for all the classes. For instance, it contains the timesheet, room number, allocated teacher, etc.

To sum up, kindly send the signed acknowledgement about attending the meeting. However, in case you have any confusion, feel free to contact us at +91 1111111111.

Thank you


Suresh Nair


St. John School

Explore More Sample Letters

Sample 3

Date: 18/08/2022

Dear Parents and Students,

This is to inform you that we are hosting a parents teacher meeting on August 27, 2022, for class 8 students. Moreover, we will discuss everything about the students and their academic behaviour. Also, we will welcome all your questions and recommendations.

Additionally, the meeting will be on the school premises, room no. 201, 2nd floor.

Hence, we request you to join the meeting without fail.



Jenny Mathew


Kiran High School

Sample 4

Date: 18th August 2022

Dear Parent,

The parents teacher meeting for Class 5 is fixed for August 28, 2022. Therefore, please attend the meeting without fail. Moreover, this meeting is significant for the student’s merit. Additionally, we will also discuss the future plans for every student.

Thank you


Suman Sharma


Vivek Vidhyalaya

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the agenda of a parents teachers meeting?

Answer. To sum up, the agenda is to inform the parents about their child’s overall performance. Also, it sheds light on attendance and homework. Additionally, actions are taken for the growth of child. Parents can also give their feedbacks in the meeting.

Q2. How do you start planning a teacher meeting?’


  1. Create teams
  2. Set rules
  3. Develop agenda
  4. Take notes
  5. Assign goals
  6. Assign tasks related to goals
  7. Keep track of progress
  8. Welcome accomplishments

Q3. How do you end a PTA meeting?

Answer. Give parents time to comment and ask questions regarding the student. Moreover, this is really helpful for you as well. For instance, you will learn some inside details. Moreover, you can use these details as advantage for maping the future.

Q4. Why parents teacher meeting is important?

Answer. Parents teacher meeting is an important activity for school. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for teachers and parents to work on maping the child’s future. Additionally, parents teacher meeting shed light on the academics and non-academics of the student. Also, it helps to work on student’s performance.

Q5. How do you conduct a parent meeting?


  1. Be welcoming
  2. Be proactive
  3. Explain objectives
  4. State expectations
  5. Create a plan
  6. Keep communication clear

Q6. What is discussed in a PTA meeting?

Answer. The teacher will give the details about the student’s work, progress, homework, behaviour, and grades. Moreover, the teacher also asks the parents about concerns that they have about the child. Therefore, it is important to attend the PTA meeting for your child’s growth.

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