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Application for School Teacher Job

Are you looking for a better teaching job opportunity in your career? Or maybe if you are thinking of working again after a gap of some years for some reason, or if you have recently completed your Bachelors in Education or Masters in some field and are looking for a job in a school, you will have to write an application for school teacher job to the principal of the school.

application for school teacher job

What is an Application for  School Teacher Job?

An application is a request letter sent by someone interested in the job opportunity available at the school campus. Application for school teacher job are addressed to the principal or the headmaster of the schools in which the person may be applying for the job.

An application for a school teacher job should include all relevant information, such as why you left your previous education job, why you want to join this school, or, if you are a newcomer, how you can be a suitable choice for this job. While writing an application, you have to attach all the relevant documents with the application letter. A fresher has to make sure that his qualifications match the job profile required to get a revert from the school.

Format of Application for School Teacher Job

Always remember, while writing an application for a school teacher job, you always have to be respectful and write the letter in the exact format as shown below.

  1. The letter always starts with the address of the sender, i.e., From
  2. Next comes the date on which the letter is sent.
  3. Then comes the receiver’s address. i.e. To
  4. Next is the subject of the letter. The subject is the main part of the formal letter as it states the reason for which the person has written the letter.
  5. Then the salutation is done. E.g. Dear Sir or Madam,
  6. Then comes the main body of the letter. As it is a formal letter, you should try to keep it as short as possible. Introduce yourself first, then move on to the reason for writing the letter, express how you are perfect for this job, and lastly, end the letter with your expectations regarding the same. Express your gratitude.
  7. End the letter with Yours faithfully, truly, sincerely.
  8. As it is a formal letter, it should include the signature of the sender and his full name in block letters.
  9. Attach all the relevant documents which will be required, like your CV, mark sheet, experience letter, reliving letter, aadhar card, etc.

Sample Letter for School Teacher Job

A school teacher job application letter is written to the principal or the headmaster of the school and has to be written in a formal format. Read the sample letters given below to get an understanding of the same.

Sample Letter 1. Application for Secondary School Teacher Job

Neha Patil

Omkar Darshan, 34

Adarsh Nagar


Date-9 December 2022

The Principal

Don Bosco School


Sub: Application for secondary school teacher job

Respected Ma’am,

I am Neha Patil, from Kashmir. I am MSC B.Ed. qualified. I would like to apply for the job of the secondary school teacher in your esteemed school.

I had left my last job to complete my B. Ed as I needed growth in my career. I have recently completed my B. Ed degree and I am eagerly waiting to join an institution as a secondary teacher. I have had experience teaching for three years in my previous institution. I am a very dedicated teacher and I complete all my teaching tasks on time. I am good at managing students and making them complete their work on time.

I will be a perfect fit for this job. I have attached all the relevant documents required with the letter. I am hoping for a positive response from your end.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours truly,


Neha Patil


Contact number – 998163××××

email id-nehapatil@yaho.com



Mark sheets of MSC and B.Ed.

Experience Certificate

Reliving Letter

Aadhar Card

Explore More Sample Letters

Sample Letter 2. Application for a Primary School Teacher Job

Vinod Save

A-21, Tara Castle

Masoli Naka


Date- 15 February 2022

The Headmaster,

Fabian Allen Primary School


Subject: Application for primary school teacher job

Respected Sir,

I am Vinod Save, a resident of Gujarat. I have completed my bachelor’s in finance and I am looking forward to working as a primary school teacher in your prestigious school.

As mentioned in your news article, I have just completed my bachelor’s degree and I am a fresher. I also take lessons at home, and I know how to handle small kids and make them learn. I have a lot of patience and I understand that young kids take time to grasp the teaching and they need to be taught the same things many times.

I am very punctual and determined about my work. I assure you I will give my best if given an opportunity to serve your school.

I have attached all the relevant documents which may be required for an interview. I am hoping for a positive response from your end.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,


Vinod Save

Phone number: 0909090909

Email address – savevinod@gofirst.com



Mark sheets of SSC, HSC, and BFM

Leaving Certificate College

FAQs about Applying for a Job as a School Teacher

Question 1. What are the qualifications required to apply for a job as a school teacher?

Answer. A person who has completed his graduation can apply for a job as a primary school teacher. To get a job in a secondary school, you are required to have a master’s degree at least or a Bachelor’s in Education degree. A person who has qualified for the HSC can also apply as a pre-primary teacher in the school.

Question 2. Can I get a job as a teacher without a B.Ed. degree?

Answer. Yes. You can surely get a job as a primary teacher with a minimum qualification requirement of a Bachelor’s degree in any field. But for secondary school teachers, you will require a B.Ed. degree along with your bachelor’s degree.

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