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Leave Letter

Whenever we wish to take a leave, we need to write a leave letter to the concerned authority in order to seek their approval. Students seeking leave need to write an application to the class teacher or Principal. While an employee needs to write an application to his employer, boss, senior or HR manager. A leave application may be for several reasons such as sickness, accident, death of a family member, health issues of a family member, marriage or function in the family, vacation, etc. However, writing a leave letter may not be an easy job for many of us. This article covers the guidelines and samples of leave letters for students and employees. It thus simplifies the process of writing leave letters for you.

Leave Letter

Leave Letter


Leave Letter to Class Teacher or Principal – Writing Guidelines or Tips

  • A school leave letter notifies the principal or the class teacher about the absence of a student for a limited period of time.
  • Usually, the parents of the student write this letter and also sign it. However, students can also write a leave letter.
  • The letter should clearly mention the reason for seeking leave.
  • Also, the dates of the leave should be mentioned in it.
  • While writing a leave letter, the tone should be respectful and polite as you are asking for permission.
  • This is a formal letter so one should not cite anything informal.
  • The leave application should be precise and to the point.
  • The letter shall begin with the receiver’s address.
  • Make sure that the Subject is very precise.
  • Before submitting the letter, proofread it for any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Also, attach additional documents if required such as medical certificate, on-duty certificate, etc.

Leave Letter to the Employer or Manager – Writing Guidelines or Tips 

Except for the following points, all the above guidelines hold true for the leave letter to the employer too.

  • This leave letter is addressed to the employer or the manager.
  • The employee needs to mention how to reach out to him/her in case of any emergency, in the application.
  • However, if he/she doesn’t want to be contacted or disturbed, he/she should clearly mention this in the leave application.

Leave Letter Format


The Principal/ Employer,

(Name of the School/Organisation)

(Address of the School/Organisation)



Respected/Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Body of the letter

Thanking You,

Your’s Sincerely/Truly


(Name of the student/employee)

(Class and Section of the student/ Designation of the employee)

Sample Letter  – Leave Application to the Class Teacher for Sick Leave by Parents


The Class Teacher,

St. Raphael’s High School,

Dhar Kothi,

Indore – 452001

21 June 2022

Subject – Sick Leave application

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in order to inform you that my daughter Sayali Jain, a student of Class XI C, has been diagnosed with Covid-19 yesterday. Thus, the doctor has told her to take complete rest and also isolate herself so that the other family members do not get infected. I, therefore, request you to kindly grant her 15 days’ leave for recovery, i.e, from 21 June 2022 to 5 July 2022. Also, I have attached her medical certificate with this leave application. I assure you she shall attend the classes regularly post-recovery.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Asha Jain

Explore More Sample Letters

Sample Letter 2 – Leave Application to the Principal for Going Out of Town by Student


The Principal,

Ekaanya High School,

S.V. Road, Khar (West)

Mumbai – 400042

27 June 2022

Subject – Leave application for going out of town

Respected Ma’am,

I, Payal Sinha, student of Class 9 A, am writing this application to inform you that I need to go to Delhi to attend a family function. Thus, I will not be able to attend school from 28 June to 4 July 2022. I, therefore, request you to kindly grant me 7 days’ leave for attending the family function. I shall be very thankful to you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Payal Sinha

Class 9 A

Sample Letter 3 – Casual Leave Letter for Office


The Manager,

Yash Technologies,

Vasant Vihar,


30 June 2022

Subject – Casual Leave application

Dear Sir,

This is to request you to please grant me a casual leave for 5 days from 1 July 2022 to 5 July 2022. I am going on a vacation after a long time with my family.

I have been a hardworking employee and understand my responsibilities to the company. However, I shall be available by phone in case you need me. Therefore, I request you to please approve my 5 days of casual leave. I shall be back to work on 6 July 2022.

Thanks in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Raj Shelar,

Junior Technician,

Pivot Technology.

FAQs on Leave Letter

Question 1. What is a Bereavement Leave?

Answer. A Bereavement Leave is a leave that is granted in a situation of happening of an unfortunate event in the family of the person seeking it.

Question 2. If a student is sick, who can write a sick leave application to the Principal or the Class Teacher?

Answer. If a student is sick, he/she may not be able to write a sick leave application. In this case, any one of his/her parents can write the application to the Principal or the class teacher.

Question 3. What are the pre-requisites for writing a leave letter?

Answer. A leave letter is a formal letter. Thus, its tone shall be formal and polite. A leave letter should clearly mention the reason for the leave, dates of absence from job/school/college and date of joining back. However, it should be precise and to the point.

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