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Consent Letter

Receiving Consent in today’s era is a big matter, which is why it’s critical to obtain suitable permission and carry out the necessary activities within the established boundaries. A consent letter and its approval is an essential aspect of everyday life. It is defined as an agreement or arrangement to do something or for something to happen. This article on how to write a consent letter will offer you a general idea of what you should include in a consent letter as well as sample consent letters for your convenience.

Consent Letter

What is a Consent Letter?

A consent letter is a formal written document in which one person or party requests permission from another person or party. If the respondent offers consent, you must also be transparent about why you are obtaining consent. It is necessary to write a consent letter in order to obtain authorization to begin an action. A letter of consent, as opposed to a simple letter of permission, has legal significance.

Types of Consent Letters

Consent can be received in three ways: explicit consent, implicit consent, and opt-out consent.

  • Explicit Consent – This is also referred to as direct consent. The respondent is given a clear alternative or a statement in which they can agree or disagree with a request. When the nature of the information to be gathered is sensitive, explicit consent is usually necessary.
  • Implicit Consent – Because it is derived from the respondents’ actions, implicit consent is also known as indirect consent. Giving references on your resume to your new employers, for example, implies that your referees have agreed to be contacted by your prospective employers.
  • Opt-out Consent Another form of acquiring consent is opt-out consent, in which organizations provide the option to deny consent. Businesses use this method of obtaining consent because they recognize that customers do not take the time to read the end-user agreements before signing up.

Guidelines to Write a Consent Letter

Here are some pointers for crafting an effective consent letter:

  • Make certain that the formal letter/email has a clear consent heading.
  • Describe the respondents’ specifications/requirements (if any).
  • Indicate the length of the program or participation.
  • Ensure that the letter includes relevant names and other facts such as addresses and contact information for the respective parties.
  • Explain the project’s engagement (or contract) rules. Any benefits and/or compensation must be made known to participants.
  • The most significant aspect of the consent letter is the signature. This is the point at which the respondent acknowledges the consent.
  • Proofread your consent letter and close it in a professional tone.

Format for a Consent Letter

The format of a consent letter might vary depending on the situation and purpose. However, if the appropriate alterations are made, this general structure is applicable to everybody.


(Recipient Name/Designation)

Receiver’s Address


Subject: Consent to ___ (state the purpose/reason for the consent)


Salutation or Greeting: (Dear Sir/Madam)

Body of the letter: (Explain why you are providing/requesting consent). Don’t forget to include all pertinent information, such as the date, event, location, and name. Finish the letter by signing off and beginning to accept the consent’s terms and conditions.



Your Name:


Contact Details: (Mobile number or Email ID)

Consent Letter Samples

Some of the most frequent applications for consent letter types are as follows:

Sample 1 – Parental Consent Letter to attend a Field Trip


Whomsoever it may concern,

ABC Higher Secondary School,

SVS Road,



Subject: Consent Acceptance Letter for Field Trip


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, John Fernandes, am the legal parent of Trevor Fernandes. I hereby acknowledge that I have granted my consent for my son to join the school’s field trip on July 15, 2022. Also, I have read and comprehended all of the school’s terms and conditions. I’ve also instructed my ward to follow all safety precautions to avoid mishaps and to observe the school’s rules and regulations.

Any inquiries about this consent can be directed to me via my mobile number.


Thank you


John Fernandes



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Sample 2 – Credit Report Authorization/Consent Form


Whomsoever concerned,

ABC Financial Services,



Subject: Credit Report Authorization Consent Form


By my signature below I, John Jacob, hereby authorize ABC Financial Services to obtain a Background Check and/or Consumer Credit Report on me. I have attached the necessary documents, including my PAN card number and Bank Account number for the purpose of verification of my credit score.



John Jacob



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Sample 3 – Medical Consent Form

I, the parent/guardian of ________________

Give permission to the medical personnel/staff/volunteers participating in the activities during the period __________ to administer any relevant treatment or medication to the named participant, when/if necessary. I understand that I shall be notified, as soon as possible, or the hospital visit and any treatment given by the hospital.




Relationship to the patient

Sample 4 – Research Consent Form


Name of the Department:



I confirm that I have read and understood the information about the project as provided in the participant information sheet. I confirm that I have had the opportunity to ask questions and the researcher has answered any questions about the study to my satisfaction. Yes, I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw from the project at any time without having to give a reason and without any consequences.

I understand that I can withdraw my data from the study anytime.



Researcher’s Name


Frequently Asked Questions on Consent Letter

Q1. What is a consent letter?

Answer. A consent letter is a formal letter that is intended to request or offer consent to begin a specific course of action. Make sure the objective, terms, and conditions are all clear.

Q2. What exactly is opt-out consent?

Answer. Organizations provide the option to deny consent in this sort of consent. The respondent’s failure to decline the consent suggests that they have already given permission for the collection of information or the delivery of advertisements.

Q3. What are the different types of consent letters?

Answer. There are many different types of consent letters, but the majority of them fall into one of four categories:

  • Parental consent form
  • Medical consent form
  • Consent form for research
  • Consent form for education
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