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Letter to School Principal from Parent

As parents, we have to take responsibility for our children. We have to look after our children’s needs and wants. Parents have to write a letter to school principal sometimes for some reason related to their child. It can be for a leave grant for some competition or sick leave. As the students themselves cannot write the letter, the parents have to write this letter to  principal of the school.

letter to school principal

How to Write a Letter to the School Principal from Parents

A letter to school principal is written by the parents of the child for some reason concerning their child. This letter is written formally. The tone used in this letter should be polite and modest as the letter is addressed to the principal of the school.

The parents have to mention the name of their child, their class, and their section. Then the parents should explain the reason why the child needs a leave. Try to write the letter convincingly so that the principal accepts the request made by the parents on behalf of the child. Mention all the dates correctly and assure the principle that all the classwork and studies of your child will be looked after by you and that the child won’t fall back on his performance in the exam.

Format of Letter to School Principal from Parents

  • The letter starts with the ‘From’ address, which is the sender’s address.
  • The date should be mentioned on which the letter was written.
  • Next is the ‘To’ address, which is the receiver’s address.
  • The subject of the letter is the most important part of the letter as it states the reason for which the letter is written.
  • A salutation is done, e.g. Dear Sir/Ma’am, Respected Sir/Ma’am.
  • Then the main body of the letter is written, which includes the topic already mentioned in the subject of the letter.
  • End the letter with Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely, or ‘Yours Truly.
  • The signature of the person sending the letter and his name in block letters.
  • The contact number of the person should be mentioned.

Sample Letters to School Principal from Parents

After reading the format, you must have got an idea of how the letter is written. If you are still confused, then have a look at some of the sample letters we have given below to get a clear view of the same.

Letter to School Principal from Parent Requesting Leave

Yogesh Bade

A-101 Supriya Apartments

Irani Road

Mumbai -414141

Date- 5 February 2022

The Principal

Holy Cross High School

Mumbai – 414151

Sub: Request for leave for four days for the badminton championship

Respected Ma’am,

I am Yogesh Bade, father of Saniya Bade, who is a student at your prestigious institution in class 9 section C.

I would like to inform you that Saniya has been selected for the state-level badminton championship in the under-16 age group. The competition starts on February 10th, 2022, and will last for four days. I kindly request that you please grant my daughter a leave of four days from February 10th to February 14th, 2022.

I assure you that all the classwork missed during these 4 days will be completed by Saniya once she is back at school. I shall be highly grateful if you grant Saniya’s leave.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,


Yogesh Bade

Contact number – 989898××××

Explore More Sample Letters

Letter to School Principal from Parent for Leaving School Early

Rajender Singh Kohli

31- B Harnoor Apartment

Guru Nanak Chowk

Mohali – 415272

Date- 31 August 2022

The Principal

St. Mary’s High School

Mohali – 415272

Sub: Request to leave school one hour early for 6 days.

Respected Sir,

I am Rajendar Singh Kohli, father of Tanjot Singh Kohli, who is a student at your prestigious institution in class 7 section A with roll number 4545.

Tanjot has taken part in the Snooker Kids Championship, for which he has to practice daily for 3 hours. I would kindly request that you please allow Tanjot to leave the school an hour early for 6 days, as the snooker club is open only up to 2 pm. He has great potential to win the snooker kids’ championship and will surely make us all proud.

I assure you that all his class work will be up to date and there will be no delay in submitting any assignments. I hope you will accept my request and allow my son to leave early. I am waiting for a positive reply from your end.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours truly,


Rajender Singh Kohli

Contact number – 787878××××

Frequently Asked Questions on the Letter to School Principal from Parents

Question 1. Is it necessary to write a letter to the principal for leave?

Answer. It is considered a good gesture to take permission and then go on leave. If you don’t write a letter before taking leave, then you will have to write one after returning as it will be requested by the principal. Except in the case of an emergency, it is better if you give a prior intimation to the principal via letter and then go on leave.

Question 2. Can students write a letter of leave to the principal?

Answer. The school students are minors in age, so they won’t be allowed to write a letter to the principal. Only the parents or guardians of the students can write a letter to the principal of the school.

Question 3. What things are to be mentioned while writing a letter to the school principal?

Answer. You will have to mention the name of your child, his or her class, and his or her roll number. You will have to say the reason why you are writing the letter. You will have to give an assurance to the principal that there will be no delay in the completion of the work on behalf of your child. Mention your contact number so that the principal can revert to you if needed.

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