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Invitation Letter for Chief Guest

Whether it’s the opening of a new business, any special event, or some award function, we are always thinking of inviting some famous personalities as chief guests to our event to make the event more memorable and successful. The Chief Guest is the most prominent person attending an event. Let us learn to write an invitation letter for chief guest.

To invite a chief guest, we have to write a formal letter of invitation to them. The letter should be very polite and respectful and should include the reason why you want this particular person as your chief guest. The chief guest attends the event only on special invitation. If the chief guest agrees to attend an event, that can be said as a cherry on the cake for the organizers of the event.

invitation letter for chief guest

How do we write the Invitation Letter to Chief Guest?

An invitation letter for the chief guest of an event can be written to a famous actor or actress, a business tycoon of a multimillionaire company, a famous influencer, etc. So, whenever we write a letter to such great personalities, the letter should always be written formally, with respectful and modest language.

While writing the letter, we have to first introduce ourselves, then mention all about the event which is being organized and give the proper venue for the event. Moving forward, we would appreciate the presence of such special guests. End the letter by expecting a positive reply from their side. Do not forget to mention a contact number and email ID for addressing any queries that they may have.

Format of an Invitation Letter to Chief Guest


Your name

Your address

Date –


Name of the receiver

His address

Subject –

Respected/ Dear Sir/Ma’am,

The main body of the letter.

Thank you.

Yours truly/Sincerely


(Name of the person sending the letter in block letters)

(Designation of the person)

Contact number –

Email ID –

Still confused? Read the examples below to get an excellent understanding of how to write an invitation letter to the chief guest.

Sample Letter – Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Gym Opening

Ramandeep Singh

Vivian Garden

Besides Lata’s library


Date – 19 September 2022

Sangram Shinde

Mr. Universe

Matunga Road


Sub: Invitation for the Opening of First Fitness Gym

Dear Sir,

I am Ramandeep Singh of Vivian Garden, who resides in Mumbai. After 5 years of experience in the bodybuilding industry, I have managed to open my gym named “First Fitness Gym”.

I would like to invite you as the chief guest at the opening of my first fitness gym, which is located at Ramia Park. The opening ceremony will be on September 29, 2022, at 5 pm.

What would be greater than Mr. Universe himself joining as the chief guest for the opening of my gym? I would be overwhelmed if you could join us at this event as the chief guest.

I am expecting a positive reply from your side.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have.

Thank you.




Contact no: 7777777777

Email ID: ramandeepsingh@gmail.com

Explore More Sample Letters

Sample Letter 2 –  Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Annual Day Celebration

Shubham Dandekar

Mathematics Teacher

St. Francis High School


Date – 15 December 2022

Shahrukh Warsi

Mannat Villa


Sub: Invitation for the Annual Function

Respected Sir,

I am Shubham Dandekar, a mathematics teacher from St. Francis High School. I would like to cordially invite you to the 75th Annual Function of our school, which is being held on December 24, 2022, starting from 3 p.m. onwards in the afternoon.

As you are an ex-student of our school, I feel your presence will have a great impact on our students and will motivate them to do wonders in their lives. Your life has been a role model for many youngsters in our country.

Reach out to us for any queries you may have on our contact number or email id. I am expecting a positive reply from your side.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,



Mathematics Teacher

Contact: 7777777777

Email ID: shubhamdandekar@gmail.com

Sample Letter 3 – Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for BICI Award Ceremony

Mohit Singh

President BICI

BKC Bandra


Date – 5 March 2022

Varun Dev


Shri Niwas


Sub: Invitation to be Chief Guest at BICI award ceremony.

Dear Sir,

I am Mohit Singh, the president of BICI. I am cordially inviting you to be the chief guest at our award ceremony, which will be held at Motera cricket stadium on March 15, 2022, from 5 pm onwards.

You have been an inspiration to a lot of young cricketers out there. It will be a pleasure for them to secure their awards from someone like you, who has outperformed in every format of cricket.

BICI would be highly obliged if you could join us as a chief guest in this prestigious BICI Award ceremony. I am expecting a positive reply from your end.

Thank you in advance.

Yours truly,



President BCCI

Contact No- 7676××××××

Email ID- mohitbici@email.com

Frequently Asked Questions on Letter of Invitation for Chief Guest

Question 1. Whom can we invite as the chief guest?

Answer. People prefer to invite famous personalities like actors or actresses, businessmen, influencers, etc. as chief guests to their events. The person who can relate to the event is usually invited as the chief guest, regardless of his profession.

Question 2. What is the proper format for writing a letter of invitation to a chief guest?

Answer. The letter of invitation is written formally, and the language used should be very humble and modest. The letter should contain all the details regarding the event. End the letter by expecting a positive reply from their side and thanking them. Provide your contact details and email ID to address any queries they may have.

Question 3. Is it necessary to mention our contact number and email ID in our letter?

Answer. Yes, mentioning your contact number and email ID is of utmost importance as it may help the receiver of the letter or their team to get back to us in case of any difficulty or if they may not be available on the described date. This helps us to know whether they will be attending the event or not, and we can arrange for some other person to be our chief guest.

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