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Request Letter for School Admission

All parents have a dream of educating their children. Parents go out of their way to provide their children with the best education to secure their future. As a result, parents are constantly looking for a good school for their children. However, admission to such a good school is difficult nowadays, and if the child’s parents are in the government, the child must change schools every time their parents are transferred to another location. In such a case, parents have to write a request letter for school admission to the principal of the school.

request letter for school admission

How to Write a Request Letter for School Admission

A request letter for school admission is written to the principal or the headmaster of the school. The letter has to be written in a formal manner, just like other formal letters. The tone used while writing a request letter should be modest. You have to mention the reason for leaving the previous school and why you want your child to be admitted to this school.

Mention all the best qualities of your child and try to convince the principal or headmaster with your letter to give your child a chance. Provide your contact details and email address so that the school may revert to you for the admission process. Attach relevant documents with the letter and mention them while writing the letter.

Format of Request Letter for School Admission


Name of parent




The Headmaster/Principal

School name

School address

Sub- Requesting for admission of my child.

Greetings or Salutations, e.g., Respected or Dear Sir or Madam,

The main body of the letter requesting admission for your child. All the good qualities of your child some other activities he may have excelled in. The reason why your child left the last school. Why do you need your child to study in this school? Attach all the necessary documents with the letter.

Express gratitude towards the headmaster or principal.

Yours faithfully, truly, sincerely


Parent’s name in block letters

Contact number-

Email address –

Attachments –

A Sample Request Letter for School Admission

A school admission request letter is written by the parents of the child who wishes to change school. The letter is written just like other formal letters. Read the sample letters we have given below to get an excellent understanding of the same.

Sample 1

Rakesh Parmar

121, Omkar Avenue

Buddha Nagar


Date – 14 July 2022

The Principal

Golden Avenue School


Sub: Requesting for admission of my son.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Rakesh Parmar, I am a government servant in the police department. I have recently been transferred to Mumbai from Delhi as my services are needed here.

I would request you to please admit my son Yash Parmar to your prestigious institution in the seventh class. Yash is quite fluent in speaking English and has earned good grades in his previous classes. He is also a good listener and concentrates well in class when the teacher is explaining something. Your school is one of the best in Mumbai city, so I would beg you to please admit my child to your school. I have attached the mark sheet of Yash for verification purposes.

I hope you will accept my request and give admission to my son, Yash. I would be highly grateful for the same.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,


Rakesh Parmar

Contact number – 989898××××

Email address – rakeshpar@police.com

Attachments –

Class 6th mark sheet

Class 5th mark sheet

Explore More Sample Letters

Sample Letter 2

Vikas Singh

Martina Enclave, D-51

Falcon Street

Gujarat – 416171

Date- 5 December 2022

The Headmaster

Saraswati Vidya Mandir

Gujarat – 416171

Sub: Request Letter for admission of my son.

Respected Sir,

I am Vikas Singh, a social worker in Gujarat state. I am writing this letter to request that you please admit my son Arjun Singh to your renowned school in class 6.

Arjun is excellent in mathematics and is very fluent in speaking English. He is also good at sports and has even played football up to the state level. I have always wanted to admit Arjun to Saraswati Vidya Mandir, but as your school was far away from our place and Arjun was small, I couldn’t allow him to travel so far. But now, as he is in class 6, he can travel in a school van on his own. So I would like to admit him to your school to provide my son with the best educational opportunities available at your school.

I have attached proof documents with the letter. I assure you that Arjun will surely raise the name of your school. I would be very glad if you admitted my son to your school.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,


Vikas Singh

Contact number – 898989××××

Email address – vikas.singh@mail.com

Attachments –

State-level football certificate

Mark sheet of Class 5

Frequently Asked Questions on the Request Letter for School Admission

Question 1. Who can write a request letter for school admission?

Answer. As the child who wants to be admitted to the school is young, he cannot himself write a letter to the principal of the school. The parents or guardians of the child can write a request letter for school admission to the principal on behalf of the child.

Question 2. What are the reasons for a student changing schools?

Answer. There can be multiple reasons for the students’ change of school, like the fees of the school have increased, the parents of the students have been transferred to another city, the parents want to provide better opportunities for their child in some other school, etc. There can also be personal reasons that the parents will not like to disclose.

Question 3. A child can change his or her school up to which class?

Answer. A child can change schools in any class whenever their parents decide to do so. The schools have no issue granting the child a leaving certificate if the child’s fees are paid. There are no such class requirements to leave and join a new school.

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