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Paternity Leave Application

It can be a difficult experience when a new child is born. It can be a stressful experience. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for the challenges. Hence, a “daddy-to-be” must know how to write a paternity leave application. This is necessary so that the business he works for is aware of the period he will not be present in the office.

Most importantly India does not have any provision for paternity leave for the private sector. However, certain government employees can also additionally apply for paternity leave for up to fifteen days. On the other hand, the policy for this leave may fluctuate from employer to employer. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to check with the HR of your employer regarding any guidelines before applying for this sort of leave.

Paternity Leave Application

What Is A Paternity Leave Application?

A paternity leave application is filed by a father who wishes to take paternity leave. This leave is typically used in order to spend time with a newborn child. However, one can also use it for bonding with the newborn. To clarify, a private office does not pay the employee for paternity leave. However,  some employers may get paid paternity leave.

Paternity leave can also help to ease the transition into parenthood. Also, it can give fathers the opportunity to be more involved in their child’s early life.

Therefore, one must know how to write a paternity leave application correctly.

In fact, you can send it online or offline. Consider the below-given guidelines, format, and examples to understand how to write a paternity leave application properly.

Guidelines To Write A Paternity Leave Application?

Here are some key points that you must consider while writing a paternity leave application:

  • Firstly, keep the letter to the point. A lengthy letter looks very unprofessional.
  • The second is to mention the date when you will resume your work.
  • Ensure that you get a green signal for your application.
  • Plan the leaves during the early stage of pregnancy.
  • State out reasons why you need to be there.

Format For Writing A Paternity Leave Application

For offline mode

Your Name




Company name


Subject –

Dear XYZ,

Body(Mention all the details like reason, duration of leaves, date of joining, etc)

Thank you.

Your name



For online mode

To: Receiver’s email id


Dear XYZ,

Body(Mention all the details like reason, duration of leaves, date of joining, etc)

Thanks and Regards,


Your name

Employee ID:

Your designation


Explore More Sample Letters

Sample Letters on Paternity Leave Application

Offline Mode – Requesting For Paternity Leave

Tanmay Chauhan

Sector-2, Azad Nagar

Mumbai – 400053

Date: 3rd August 2022

Vimal Arora

RTNC tech solutions Pvt. Ltd.

B.P.T colony

Mumbai – 400036

Sub: Requesting for Paternity Leave.

Dear Vimal,

I, Tanmay Chauhan, from the IT Team(ID: 12651) requesting a paternity leave from work. We are expecting our first baby in the next three weeks. Hence, I would like to take some time off.

Therefore, please grant me a leave of 15 days so that I can take care of both the mother and the child. The dates would be from August 14, 2022 to August 31, 2022. I will be available to stay in touch via email and will be available to return to work on a part-time basis if needed.

Also, I am attaching the pregnancy reports for your reference. I would greatly appreciate it if you grant my paternity leave application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Contact – 1999999999


  • Pregnancy report

Online Mode – Paternity Leave Application

To: Vidhisha34@gmail.com

Subject: Paternity Leave Application

Dear Vidhisha,

Greetings of the day.

I am glad to tell you that I and my wife are blessed with a baby boy on 3rd August 2022. Therefore, I request you to grant me 30 days of paternity leave. Moreover, the dates would be from 4th August 2022 to 3rd September 2022. In fact, 15 days will be enough for me to manage my family. Also, I want to spend some time with my newborn baby.

I understand that this may be disruptive to the workplace. However, I have already worked with my supervisor to ensure that my work is covered. Also, I am enough confident that my team can handle any projects in my absence.

I understand that this may be short notice, but I hope you can accommodate my request.

Thank you and Regards,

Vikas Pandey

Employee ID: 13445

Team Lead(marketing)

Contact: 1234567891

FAQs On Paternity Leave Application

Q1. How many days is paternity leave in India?

Answer. In India, government employees get 15 days of paternity leave. However, there is no policy for private sector employees. But, many companies have made their own progressive policies.

Q2. Can I write a paternity leave email?

Answer. The answer is yes. Moreover, you can write an email to your boss regarding the leave. However, you must email him/her a bit before the date of delivery. Also, mention the dates on which you are applying for leave.

Q3. How to write a paternity leave application to HR?

Answer. A paternity leave application is a formal letter. Hence write it in a formal tone. Moreover, mention the details like your name, address, receiver’s name, address, etc. Also, mention the duration of the leave period.

Q4. What is paternity leave policy?

Answer. According to The Central Civil Services Rules,1972, a male government employee can take 15 paternity leaves. Moreover, he can take it before the birth or within 6 months of the birth. However, other countries have much better policies about the same.

Q5. Can employer claim back paternity pay?

Answer. Yes, it is true. In fact, the quantity of paternity pay that a company can recover relies upon the total quantity of company and employees.

Q6. Do fathers get paid paternity leave in India?

Answer. Most state governments permit married male personnel to take a fortnight’s leave during the delivery of a child. However, Indian working women in government and private companies have 26 weeks of paid leave.

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