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Cheque Book Request Letter

Banks usually issue 2 types of cheque books. The first is personalized, and the second is non-personalized. Hence, you must write a cheque book request letter if you need one. However, in today’s world, credit cards and net banking have surpassed cheque books. In fact, the biggest drawback of a cheque is that it requires a few days to be cleared. On the other hand, the plus point is, cheques help you to track and document payments. Additionally, Cheques do not have processing fees. Therefore, many individuals still prefer cheques. Hence, in today’s article, we will shed some light on how to write a cheque book request letter. Moreover, I have added a few examples for your reference.

Cheque Book Request Letter

How To Write A Cheque Book Request Letter?

A cheque book request letter is an official letter to your bank. It is a request letter to provide you with a cheque book. Moreover, you can get a cheque book with 25 to 100 cheque leaves. However, you must write it in a formal tone. Also, mention the number of cheque leaves you need in the cheque book request letter.

Additionally, provide your account number and ID proof. This is to mitigate future problems when issuing the cheque book.

In fact, your role ends here. Further, the bank will send the cheque book to your address in 3-4 working days.

Therefore, wait for your cheque book patiently.

Guideline For Writing A Cheque Book Request Letter

1. Initially, you have to address the letter to the head of the bank. Furthermore, you must also include details like

  • Your name
  • Account number
  • Branch name
  • ID proof

2. Also, make sure to write it in a formal tone. Moreover, use formal greetings and salutations like:

  • Respected
  • Greetings of the day

3. Simultaneously mention the number of cheque leaves you need.

4. Lastly, give a short reason for the need for cheque book.

5. Additionally, always cross-check your account number and other details.

6. Furthermore, do not mention sensitive details like CVV, ATM pin, or other credentials.

Format of Cheque Book Request Letter

Address – 

You must include your and your bank’s address without fail. Afterwards, cross-check it.

(Your address)


(Recipient’s address)

Date – 

The date is one of the most crucial details while writing the request letter.

Salutation –

Keep the solution formal.

  • Hello Sir/Madam
  • Respected Madam/Sir

Subject –

Describe the objective of the letter in one sentence.

Main body –

  • Firstly, the body must be succinct.
  • Now, introduce yourself and explain the reason for writing the letter.
  • Then, ask the recipient to provide the cheque book.
  • Also, mention the number of Cheque leaves.
  • At last, state that you have included the required document.
  • Afterwards, thank the recipient.


  • Yours faithfully
  • Yours truly

Write your name beneath.

Samples Of Cheque Book Request Letter

Following are some common examples of cheque book request letters.

Sample 1 –

R/8, Laxmi Nagar

Nagpur – 440001


The Bank Manager


Shivaji Nagar branch

Nagpur – 440023

Subject: Request for Cheque Book

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am Tushar Pillay, and my account no. is 0198xxxxxxxxxx88. To sum up, I urgently need a cheque book of 100 leaves. Recently, my customer has asked me to pay through cheque. However, I don’t have a cheque book. Therefore, I request you to please issue my cheque book.

Also, I have attached ID and address proof for your reference.

Kindly accept my request.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Tushar Pillay


  • ID proof
  • Address proof

Sample 2 –

202, Shewalkar Tower

Gandhi Nagar

Nagpur – 440011


The Bank Manager

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Bajaj Nagar

Nagpur – 440035

Subject: Request for Cheque Book

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I, Snehal Rajora, a savings account holder in your bank. Furthermore, my account number is 01276xxxxxxxx0099. I urgently need a cheque book to make some payments before 20th august 2022. Therefore, I request you to please issue me with a cheque book of 50 leaves.

Also, it would be helpful if you issue it before 20th august.

Moreover, I have attached a self-attested copy of my ID proof and address proof.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Snehal Rajora


  • ID proof
  • Address proof

Explore More Sample Letters

Sample 3 –

5th lane, Shivaji Nagar

Nagpur – 440002


The Bank Manager

Bank of Baroda

Laxmi Nagar

Nagpur – 440023

Subject: Request for Cheque Book

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am Rajiv Dhoot, and my account number is 05543xxxxxxxx0156. To sum up, I need a cheque book as my old cheque book is about to end. Therefore, I request you to please issue me with a cheque book as soon as possible.

Moreover, I have attached my self-attested Aadhar card copy and PAN card for your reference.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Rajiv Dhoot


  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I request a Cheque book?

Answer: Send a cheque book request letter to your bank. Also, ensure you provide details like account number, branch, ID proof, and address proof.

Q2. What are the types of cheque books available for the customer?

Answer: There are two types of cheque books viz., Personalized and Non-personalized. They are similar in terms of values. However, the former carries your name, and the latter does not. Moreover, you can get the non-personalized cheque book immediately. Therefore, if you urgently need a cheque book, you can go for the non-personalized one.

Q3. What is a cheque book?

Answer: A cheque book contains 25 to 100 cheques. It is usually used to make big amounts of payments.

Q4. Why do I require a cheque book?

Answer: You can make payments with cheques. For instance, some people insist on getting payment by cheque. Also, it is a safer option for transactions of huge payments. Therefore, you must have a cheque book with you.

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