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Application For Advance Salary

Asking for salary in advance is a bit embarrassing. But, when you are in financial trouble, you must ask for it. Furthermore, you must write an application for advance salary to your company. Therefore, today we will see how to write an application for advance salary. Also, we will see some important things to remember while writing an application for advance salary.

Application For Advance Salary

What Is Advance Salary?

An advance salary is something that your company agrees to pay in advance. Moreover, it is helpful for employees who are facing financial problems.

In other words, an advance salary saves you financially. The summary is that you borrow your future salary in advance. Hence, you need to pay it back. This is to avoid disturbance in your future salaries. In fact, some organizations levy interest. Moreover, the policies vary from organisation to organisation.

Tips On Writing An Application For Advance Salary

  • Firstly, think about the bond you share with your company. Then, tell the reason for asking for the salary in advance.
  • Every organization have its policies for advance salary. Here, your HR can help you with the procedure for the same.
  • Have a conversation with your employer before writing an application for advance salary. Also, you must handle the conversation professionally.
  • Moreover, you must mention the amount you need and how you will repay the loan.
  • Once you get the advance salary, write a thank you letter to your organisation.

When is the best time to ask for a salary advance?

Salary advances are granted only while you face a setback in your personal life. It can be a family emergency, medical bills now, bereavement costs, personal loan etc. It might be fine in case you consider salary advance as the ultimate option. After you have exhausted all of your options, you may request your organisation for a salary advance.

Moreover, it is best if you ask for an advance salary only once. Please do now no longer make a dependency out of it. A generous organisation will constantly accommodate your request. However, do not take benefit of this because it will affect you negatively in the long run.

Format For Writing An Application For Advance Salary

The format for writing an application for advance salary is very simple. In fact, it is similar to other formal letters. However, including the below-given points is very necessary.

  • Your address
  • Date
  • Recipient’s address
  • Subject – It must be straight to the point
  • Salutation – Start with formal salutation
  • Body – You must include the precise reason for advance salary in the body
  • Closure

Sample Letter On Application For Advance Salary

For Personal Use

Trisha Das

44/B, Gandhi Nagar

Pune – 321100

Date – 17/08/2022

Human Resources

Brillect Solutions Pvt. Ltd

West High Court Road

Nagpur – 440099

Sub: Request for three Months’ Advance Salary

Respected Sir,

I Trisha Das, working as a Software Developer with employee ID 91822. To sum up, I am writing this to request you three months’ salary in advance. Furthermore, I need it for personal use. For instance, I am unable to pay some of my loans. Therefore, I have to take another loan to forfeit it. Since it is the end of my loan repayment, I have only 1 option left. Therefore I am requesting you to please grant me an advance salary of Rs. 90,000/- before 1st September 2022.

Also, I am ready to pay the amount in instalments. You can deduct the instalments from my future salaries.

Waiting for your positive response.

Thank you.



Trisha Das

Contact Number: 1234567890

Explore More Sample Letters

Salary Advance Letter For Medical Use

Ashutosh Atram

Flat no. 101, Sudarshan Apartment


Date: 17/08/2022

The Head

R.T.K.L college


Sub: Request for one Month’s Advance Salary

Respected Madam,

I am Ashutosh Atram. I am working as a Chemistry Professor at your college. To sum up, my father has gone through bypass surgery. So, I need money to clear the pending bills of the hospital. Hence, I request you to grant me 1 month’s salary in advance. I need Rs. 30,000/- in advance from my 40,000/- salary.

Moreover, you can deduct the advance amount from my next salary. I hope you understand my situation and do the needful.

Thanks in advance.



Ashutosh Atram

Contact: 0987654321

Advance Salary For Wife’s Delivery

Arjun Kale

Flat no.202, Kewal apartment


Nagpur – 441010

Date: 17/08/2022

The Manager

Plasto Pvt. Ltd.

Nagpur – 441192

Sub: Application For Advance Salary for Wife’s Delivery.

Dear Sir,

I, Arjun Kale, work in the back office department. I am writing this letter for a salary advance of Rs. 25,000/-. To sum up, I need it for the hospital expenses of my wife’s delivery. I am ready to give my consent to deduct Rs. 5,000/- each month from my salary until the amount is recovered.

Moreover, my employee id is PTL9188221. Also, I have attached my payslip with the letter.

To conclude, I request you to please approve the advance salary.

Thank you in advance.

Arjun Kale

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does salary advance have interest?
Answer. It purely depends on the organisation. Moreover, in some organisations, the interest charges are very low. Additionally, they charge interest on the amount you take. Not like the banks that levy interest on the accumulated amount immediately.

Q2. How does salary advance loan work?
Answer. As the name suggests, it is a part of your salary. Hence, you need to apply for it to your organisation. Further, you need to repay it via installment or one time payment.

Q3. How do I ask for advance payment from my boss?
Answer. Respected Madam, To sum up, I am writing this letter to request you to pay an advance salary of 3 months. I need it urgently to repay my home loan immediately. I am willing to pay the amount in installments.

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